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Are You Making the Same Mistake I Was?


Alexis Neely“When I first went out on my own, I thought getting new clients would be pretty easy.

I’d go speak to some groups, they’d hear my message, and they’d schedule time to meet with me, and hire me.

I found that the people I talked to LOVED my talk and told me they would call me, but then they didn’t.

They got busy, lost my number, forgot my name. There’s a million reasons. Right?

On occasion, I’d run into one of those people who heard me talk and I would ask them if they took action on what I shared and I would be devastated to hear that they did … with another lawyer.

I realized that I was marketing for my competition! 

When they were ready, they hired whoever was right in front of them — from an ad or a referral — at the moment they were ready to hire. And because I didn’t really know how to market the right way, that someone wasn’t me.

I changed one thing and that one thing changed everything.”

I bet you want to know what that   “one thing” was, don’t you?

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This is my 7:53 audio program for lawyers on how to make the most of every speaking engagement and stop marketing for your competition, once and for all. Listen, take notes, and then, take action.

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