PLUS, Receive Over $22,000 Worth Of Real-World Proven and Tested Practice-Building Resources

The Law Business Manifesto: This 47 page, "how I went from $0 to 7-figures in 3 years" confession diary or written confession is packed with solid, real-world strategies you can implement immediately. It can help you whether you're already in practice (regardless of current success), just starting out, or are thinking about starting your own practice.

Over the 5 years of building my law business, I dug into my own pockets and spent well over $112,385.38 developing various tools and resources to use in my own practice. And today I'm giving you a big chunk of those tools and resources I developed and used to build a million-dollar-a-year law firm, to use in your own practice... for FREE.

  1. Weekly Guidance to Turn Your Law Practice Into a Business: Our Law Business Mentors Weekly Newsletter provides new strategies and actionable steps you can take and apply directly into your practice for increased results and constant motivation.
  2. Audio Program “How to Get Off the Marketing Merry Go Round and Cash Flow Roller Coaster and Find the Freedom and Money You Deserve": Perfect for anybody frustrated by marketing their business!
  3. Client Tracking And Lead Follow-Up Tool: This cash flow generator can bring in several thousand extra dollars for you this year alone. This automates your lead follow-up so you can spend more time on paying projects and less time hunting new projects.
  4. Comprehensive, Customizable Financial Model: This CFO-prepared financial model reveals how to "dig for gold" and find the money you need to grow and expand your business.
  1. $12,500 Fee Schedule: I paid $12,500 just to strategize this fee schedule and quoting system with an expensive consultant. Then, I paid another $2,500 just for the graphic design. And it paid for itself the first time I used it. Now you can check it out without paying a dime.
  2. Behind the Scenes Video: This closed-door video exposes the secrets of a real, success, thriving business you can model and duplicate to expand your own law business.
  3. The Million Dollar Client Service Mindmap: We've put our entire client services system into a gorgeous onepage mindmap you can adapt for your own practice to turn your clients into raving, high-paying clients and fans who refer everyone they know to your office.
  4. Start Every Month With Money in the Bank: You'll see exactly how we created a Client Retention System clients loved that turned one-time transactions into clients who paid every single month like clockwork.